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Worm Castings are the perfect plant food. They are an organic and natural fertilizer with naturally balanced, high levels of minerals and nutrients for your garden.

Worm Castings allow plants to absorb important nutrients and trace minerals. Earthworms grind and consistently mix nutrients into a simple state, which is easily absorbed by plants. Unlike chemical fertilizers where many nutrients are inaccessible to plants, worm castings provide a natural and efficient source of nutrients.

What are castings?

Worm castings essentially are the by product of the worm’s digestive system. Simply put, casting are worm manure! Organic Earthworm Castings are totally natural. They have an earthy odor and look like coffee grounds. The castings slowly release nutrients needed for healthy plant growth and increased production rates for fruits and vegetables.

Why are worm castings better than other products?

Worm Castings…

  • Improve soil structure.
  • Increase moisture retention in soil.
  • Can be used for phosphate sensitive plants.
  • Promote beneficial microbial activity that results in healthier plants.
  • Increase nitrogen levels that plants can more readily access.
  • Have no harmful chemicals and are all natural.
  • Are non-toxic and completely safe for use around children and pets.
  • Won’t burn your plants unlike other animal manures.
  • Help draw out toxins, harmful bacteria and fungi from soil.
  • Help prevent extreme pH levels.
  • Contain nutrients that last longer than those found in potting soil.